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Unique Restaurants in America

Find the most unique restaurants in America, some  are even closer than you think! I’ve compiled the top 6 that stand out the most and you’d be surprised where they’re located and why they are so different. Everyone wants to have wonderful experiences in life and those experiences can be right in your backyard!


1. Alpine Vino – Telluride, Colorado A European hutte offering a nighttime dining experience at the highest elevation in North America at 11,966 feet. This is only open in the winter and can hold a total of 28 people, to get there, you have to travel in an enclosed Snow-Coach. To visit Alpine Vino during the day you take Gold Hill Express hoping onto a lift (14) and ski down See Forever to their front door. The beams are hand-hewn and the furniture is made from reclaimed wine barrels giving the restaurant the perfect alpine feel. They set their ambience to resemble restaurants found throughout Dolomites of Northern Italy. So, does your bucket list include skiing and visiting the highest point in Northern America? Then this is the place for you!

European Experience.

Delicious food is like skiing in Italy. Wonderful experience eating at 12K feet in the clouds. We had a bluebird day allowing us to enjoy an amazing view + great quality food.

Peter J.



2. Dinner in the Sky – Several Major Cities Have you ever wanted to go skydiving? Well, this isn’t quite that, however hovering hundreds of feet above the ground while eating lunch is a pretty close experience! Dinner in the Sky take you up into the air with a crane to give you an adrenaline rush right before you enjoy your meal. Las Vegas, Paris, and over 40 countries offers this very exciting way to spend time eating, drinking, having business meetings, or even playing poker with buddies.

This Belgian-based experience has created over 5,000 dinner events in 40 iconic cities such as the Kuala Lumpur Tower, the Marina of Dubai, Villa Borghese in Rome, Athens, Copacabana Beach, and Cape Town.

Great Experience!

I went with 2 friends to dinner in the sky, and it was great. Service and food really good. It’s an experience you should live at least once.

Sarah F.


3. Catfish Plantation – Waxahachie, Texas This restaurant offers delicious Cajun cuisine and is run out of an old Victorian style home, but that’s not really what this place is known for. They are known for their guests feeling certain spirits when they visit. The place is often visited by the paranormal, several spirits including Caroline, Will, and Elizabeth often linger throughout the premises. Will is a notorious flirt wand often does so with female guests including touching their knee or shoulders and twirling their hair. Caroline, a previous owner who can sometimes becomes short tempered because she sees herself as still being the head of the household. Although all spirits are deemed friendly and positive. So if you’re looking for some fun paranormal dinner, head to the Catfish Plantation.

    Wonderful service, fantastic Fried fare!

The catfish was mild but absolutely delicious! I had both types, Cajun and standard breading. Cole slaw was great, too. Excellent service and a fun environment.

Gerri W


4. Opaque – San Francisco, CA and other cities. Opaque is a whole other world of restaurant. It’s set in pitch black and encourages you to use senses other than eyesight. The waiters serve a three-course meal and wine in complete darkness, the intent is to utilize your other senses so you can appreciate food’s other sensory expertise texture, smell, taste, feel, or sound. Are you ready for the dining experience to remember? There are other cities who offer this as well.




This spot is fantastic! I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little nervous! I took my fianceé here for his birthday and it was unlike anything else that either of us had ever experienced.

Erin G.




5. Safe House – Milwaukee, WI When you were little, did you ever dream of being a spy? I’m not even a little ashamed to admit that I was sure I’d be one some day. That’s why I chose this place to feature. This retro restaurant has been opened since 1966 when the Cold War’s spy craze was in full effect. No hungry spy has ever been turned down but they say you need to know the password to enter this Safe House. It’s walls are filled with spy memorabilia thanks to founder David Baldwin. So, if you’re hungry and looking for some adventure on your date night, Safe House is the place to be.

Must stop on a visit to Milwaukee!

I love this place it is a classic must stop when I am in town. A throw back to the cold war and great place to bring first timers who are visiting. This place is loaded with secrets and always fun!

Keith L.







6. The Rim – Hawaii if you’ve ever had the dream of dining in a volcano, well, this isn’t quite that. But it’s dang close! A fine dining restaurant called The Rim is set in Volcano House, the oldest hotel on the island of Hawaii. It sits atop Kilauea Caldera and gives you the most beautiful panoramic sights of Halema’uma’u crater, with the view at sunset that creates a glow that rises over the crater rim that’s created by molten lava. All food on the menu is locally sourced and grown on the Hamakua Coast.

The view!

The view of the crater from the restaurant is really unique. You can’t see inside the crater but the glow was mystifying and very romantic! The food was excellent, but expensive but so is all food in Hawaii so not any different! I would definitely reccomend.

Jenn G.



Aren’t these places crazy amazing? Have you ever been to them or unique places like them? Let us know below!

~Jess Wood

March 17, 2017