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What makes Papa Johns  a Pizza Family?

Well, for starters, they didn’t start our business in a boardroom. They started it in a broom closet. Back in 1984, our Founder, John Schnatter (that’s Papa John to you) sold his beloved muscle car to buy pizza-making equipment. Armed with only an oven and a love for making quality pizza, John opened the very first Papa John’s in the crowded broom closet of his father’s tavern.

Over the years, this passion for making better pizza informed every decision and pizza we made… because the last thing they wanted to be was a pizza company. So instead of chopping vegetables with machines, they chop them by hand every day. Instead of investing in gimmicks, they invest in fresh ingredients. And they pile them high on their  fresh, never-frozen original dough.

Today, they have  surrounded ourselves with like-minded people with a passion for making better pizza, including franchisees, suppliers, athletes, pizza makers, and farmers they’ve known for over 30 years. Like their friend Dino in California—he grows the best tomatoes.

In the end, John’s desire to create a better pizza built more than a pizza company… he built a pizza family.

April 25, 2017