Foodie’s Guide to New Orleans

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Foodie’s Guide to New Orleans

by Molly On The Move

New Orleans was just ranked in Travel + Leisure’s “America’s Best Cities for Foodies,” so I figured now was the perfect time to give you a foodie’s guide to New Orleans. As a foodie, I always envision LA and New York City as top cities for foodies. BUT, after my trip to Portland in the fall and my recent trip to New Orleans, I’m starting to think differently. Why didn’t anyone tell me New Orleans is such a hub for fantastic food?!


If I’m being flat out honest with ya (which I mean, I always am), my sister and I saw cheap flights here and immediately started doing research to see if we should go. And by research I mean looking into the food situation. Because that’s obvi all a trip should be based on ????


We liked what we saw (duh), bought the tickets and started hatching our plan. Our extremely long list of food was reduced heavily as other NOLA activities found their way into our itinerary. Once in New Orleans, we did quite a bit of walking and sightseeing, so we ate as much food as our stomachs time possibly allowed in between activities.


Practically every meal we ate was a standout and I am not exaggerating one bit when I say that. The one place I would say we could do without (if I had to pick one) was Willa Jean, but the wayyyyy delicious pop tart advises me otherwise. Keep reading for a foodie’s guide to New Orleans!


Cafe Monde, Best Restaurants Near Me
Cafe De Monde, Best Restaurants Near Me

Café du Monde

There’s a reason you hear this place on every list. Get your own serving of 3 with a hot chocolate and you’ll feel like you’re in heaven as you eat these little pillows of fried dough and powdered sugar.

Cowbell, Best Restaurants Near Me
Cowbell, Best Restaurants Near Me


Andddd Cowbell is now home to the best mac and cheese I have ever had. And I’ve eaten a lot of pretty freakin’ good mac and cheese in my life. Make sure to order a cocktail as well, we loved our Molly Ringwald’s!


Sucre, Best Restaurants Near Me
Sucre, Best Restaurants Near Me


We passed this bakery on Magazine Street and somehow managed to keep walking (due to the weight of donuts still sitting in our stomach), but when we passed it in the French Quarter, we took that as our cue to go in. I sure am glad we did because this birthday cake ice cream was unreal. What I would do to go back and get a giant scoop again!

Willa Jean, Best Restaurants Near Me
Willa Jean, Best Restaurants Near Me

Willa Jean

With red bricks and a case full of fresh pastries and desserts, this place is adorable. The avocado toast was tasty, but did not blow me out of the water. However, the homemade pop tart was DIVINE. Who’d have thought I’d fall in love with something key lime flavored?! I’d recommend coming here for a sweet treat!


District Donuts, Best Restaurants Near Me
District Donuts, Best Restaurants Near Me

District Donuts

ALL HAIL DISTRICT DONUTS. Because these giant donuts the size of your face will make you want to cry, do a dance, live on donuts, hug every person in sight, etc. Can this place ship donuts?? I need more in my life ASAP.

St. Roch Market, Best Restaurants Near Me
St. Roch Market, Best Restaurants Near Me

St. Roch Market

The way this place was described to us was “like a bunch of food trucks indoors.” If you need a place with a lot of options, this one is for you. We devoured phenomenal sandwiches and topped off our last meal in NOLA with a slice of king’s cake! Simply divine, y’all.


Sylvain, Best Restaurants Near Me
Sylvain, Best Restaurants Near Me


CHAMPAGNE AND FRIES. Need I say more? Quite frankly, I have never even had other fries that compared to these. I am salivating just thinking about them. This combo was a tad on the pricey side, so be ready to splurge or find a reason to celebrate! (Ummmm how about you being in NOLA following my foodie guide?! ???? )

If anyone needs a buddy to go to NOLA with, count me in! I’ve fallen so in love with this colorful city and its food.

Have you been to New Orleans before? Were you surprised by how amazing all the food was like me?


Written by the amazing Molly On The Move Blog 


Doesn’t her blog just make you want to book a ticket? This food looks absolutely incredible!

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